12 Ways to Use Less Paper In Your Homeschool

No matter what system you use to organize your homeschool there is always…

The Dreaded Paper Problem.

Paper is one of those things that every parent knows has to have a place to go. Daily our kids produce worksheets, writing assignments, spelling practice…  It piles up and leaves you with a big mess to sort through, over and over again.

You have two options: put it to the side each day until your forced to spend hours organizing it or spend some of your precious free time on filing these things away.   That sounds like a good time, said no one ever.

There are two things that are vital to finding a lasting solution:

1. Produce less paper to begin with.

As homeschoolers, we’re able to decide how much paper we bring into our home.


2.It has to be almost no work on a daily basis.

We’ve got enough to do without adding a time consuming filing process to our lists.

Here’s some ideas to help.


1.Dry erase markers

 I love these babies.  I use them all over the house!  Check out my post on them here: 6 Easy Ways to Use Dry Erase Markers

2. Sketchbooks or Journals for Art

My kids are always drawing or painting and there’s only so much space on the fridge. The best part of using these for art is there’s no loose papers after their done working.  It’s already filed neatly and chronologically.


3. Use a field guide for science exploration or nature study.

It keeps you from printing out pages for them to use and it gives them a great way to look back at their work because they won’t be able to lose the loose pages in their backpacks.


4. letters or postcards as writing assignments

Instead of a plain old writing prompt have your kids write a letter to a relative or a postcard to a friend.  It’s fun and gets the paper out of your house.


5. Let them type their writing assignments

This is a great way to take the pressure off.  They’ll be excited to use the computer for their schoolwork and it saves paper.

6. Let them use an audio recorder

I promise your kids will love this idea.  They can record and practice math facts or spelling words instead of using worksheets. The great thing about these is that they can walk around the house using it, sit on their beds, or go outside.

7. Ban paper from the shopping cart

Well… at least for a while.  Try to challenge yourself to use up what you already have.  If your like me you have stacks of printer paper, loose leaf, construction paper…and the list goes on.

8.  Send them outside

Let them practice their spelling words or math problems outside in the driveway with chalk or take them to the beach and let then write in the sand.

9. Let them use a glass door or window as a canvas

They make special crayons you can use on glass, but you can save some money and just hand them washable paint and a paintbrush or let them finger paint instead.

10.  Give some oral tests

If you need to quiz your kids, try it a different way.  Giving them an oral test saves on paper and allows kids a break from the traditional sit in your chair and write down the answers.

11.  Tell Stories

This is a good skill for kids to learn and lets them share their ideas in a new way.

12.  Play trivia games

Make up trivia games or just ask questions and let them answer orally in place of worksheets.  If you make up trivia cards they can be used over and over again instead of multiple pages in worksheet form.  The great part about a game is that you can still let your kids use them independently when you don’t have time to play it with them.



Let me know what ideas you’ve come up with to keep the paper under control.

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