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4th of July Alphabet Matching


I love letter matching cards! There are so many ways to use them. My daughter and I have been playing with this set of letter matching cards I made up for the 4th of July.  The download includes four sets of the alphabet, two in black and white and two in color.  Also, I used a bubble type letter in one set so you can print those letters and let your kids color them to make their own unique cards. Scroll to the end of the post for the download link.

These are great for the obvious matching of one set of cards to the other. But, we came up with some other ideas we wanted to share with you.

Here are 7 ideas for using alphabet matching cards.

Paper Clips

We’ve been loving paper clips lately, so we tried clipping the lowercase letter to the uppercase letter.  This is a challenging fine motor activity for little hands. It might be easier if you print out the letters on card stock or laminate first.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide one alphabet around the house and have your child find the letters.  Set one alphabet out on a table or the floor so they can bring each letter back as they find it and match them.  You could also give them a basket, bag, or bin and let them gather all of the letters up first and then match them all at once.

Make an alphabet Clothesline

Punch a hole in the star at the top of either alphabet and then string it up.  Have your child clip the other alphabet to the hanging cards.

Letter Tiles

Have your child match Bananagrams or scrabble tiles to their letter cards.

Match a Word

Write a word in one alphabet and have your child match it in the other.

You might have to print out more than one copy of the cards if you need a double letter though.

Magnet Match

Have them match their cards to magnetic fridge letters.

Match & Drop

Pull out a recycled wipes box or tissue box and drop in matches of letters.

Have fun with your alphabet games.

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Happy 4th of July!

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