5 Free things to do in Las Vegas with Kids


Las Vegas is certainly known for its expensive and decidedly adult activities.  But, there’s no need to avoid a visit with your family. Whether you live close by or are just passing through, this list will give you something to do with your kids without forking out any cash.  

Here’s a list of 5 family-friendly activities that are absolutely free. 

1. The Flamingo 

Make your way along winding paths through the garden fauna beside small ponds and picturesque waterfalls.  Stop to look at the wildlife along the way.  There are ducks, flamingos, giant koi fish, turtles, and others types of animals to view.  The plaques along the path provide info on the wildlife you encounter.  They even have live feedings for you to watch.  It is free and open to the public.  You can go at your own pace and let the kids explore.

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2. Go sightseeing.

There are a million places to look up and down the strip.  Make sure to visit Paris.  You can’t miss the Las Vegas Eiffel tower or Arc of Triumph as you make your way down the strip.  Stop and snap a few photos.  Also, check out the giant ferris wheel slowly spinning in the desert sky.  It’s not free to ride, but it’s impressive to see.

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3. Bellagio lobby

When you need a rest make your way to the Bellagio lobby.  Lounge on their plush red sofas and tip your head back to enjoy the vibrant artwork on the ceiling.  It’s a collage of colorful glass flowers hanging as a stunning art piece that your kids will love to just stare at for awhile. 

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4. Bellagio Botanical Gardens.  

There is so much packed into this conservatory.  They change up the flowers, plants, and decor depending on the season.  It was fall when we were there so the gardens were filled with scarlet, yellow, and plum colored mums.  There were gourds of every shape, size, and color.  Even a record breaking giant pumpkin.  Stop at the friendly faced tree and enjoy some fall foliage right there in the middle of the desert.  Your kids will be tickled when the face on the tree talks to them.

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5. Visit Caesar’s Palace.  

Visit some ancient ruins and so much more when you take your kids to Caesar’s Palace. Stop to get a picture of your kids in a chariot.  Then, walk down the Italian streets and admire the night sky ceiling.  It really feels like you’re outside.  

Be sure to catch the 5 minute Atlantis show, it happens every hour.  Giant statues rise out of the stage and tell the story of the lost city of Atlantis.  Afterwards, let the kids explore the giant fish tank at the base of the stage.

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