5 Minute Bible Study for Kids

The summer is flying by and I’ve been starting to plan for our upcoming school year. I just created a 5-Minute Bible Study plan and worksheet to use in our homeschool this year that I wanted to share.

This year I want to stop intending to study the Bible more with my kids and actually do it. Our homeschool days never go as I plan and my good intentions alone have made bible study more sporadic than I’d like to admit.

Winging it wasn’t getting it done.

Instead of beating myself up I really thought about what the big hangups with bible study were for us. For me, I know speed and simplicity are the keys to our success. I have to be able to start and stop in a short amount of time or it’s not going to happen without a lot of intentionality. I decided to start by limiting our study to a one-page worksheet. One page is less intimidating. Then I wrote down my goals so I could clearly see what I wanted to accomplish.


Goals for 5-minute bible study:


  1. To study in a way that is easy to implement and can be finished in a short amount of time, allowing us to study God’s word more often.
  2. Make biblical truth personal, relevant, and accessible to my children.
  3. Implement a simple format that gives my kids tools to study scripture on their own in the future.
  4. Use 3 basic steps of inductive Bible study: observation, interpretation, and application.
  5. Combine study with memorization. By studying only one verse or short section of scripture at a time we would be able to memorize the same verse we study.



The 4 sections of the 5-Minute Bible Study


Here you can add in any verse you’d like to study or use the pre-filled verses in the download.


LOOK: (What does the verse say)

Read the verse from different versions of the bible to gain a deeper understanding of what it says. For us it’s simple, because my kids and I each have a different version. But, I also like plugging a verse into bible gateway and just changing the version at the top. I’m going to add the app on our iPad so that my son can do this himself.

Also, reading “around” the verse will help you to gain insight into the verse’s context. Do this by reading the verses directly preceding and following the one you’re studying.

Make notes of anything important.


UNDERSTAND: (What does it mean)

To find out what it means, use a dictionary to define keywords. Don’t just look at the first definition either.  If you keep reading your kids will find some interesting ways each version of the definition changes the meaning of the word just slightly.

Talk about what book it’s from, who the verse was written for, and other contextual clues you find.


USE: (How do I use the information I’ve gathered)

For this part, I plan to just have a low-key discussion with my kids. I want to let them share their thoughts and I’ll probably ask some open-ended questions.

I do plan to start by sharing with them how I feel the verse applies to me.  By sharing my personal insights, I’m hoping it gives them an example to ponder without pressuring them to come up with answers.


I pray that this resource can bless your family and help you to simplify your homeschool this school year.

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Simplify your Homeschool with 5-Minute Bible Studies for Kids
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