5 Minute Thanksgiving Bible Study for Kids

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to slow down and be purposefully thankful with our kids. It is a time to give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. But, it is also a time of hope.

A time to look at the cup half-full instead of half-empty. Because let’s face it, life is hard and sometimes you feel like you have to squint to see anything in that glass at all.

This past year has been a hard season for our family in more ways then I can begin to describe. And yet, it is always when I am at my weakest, when everything is going wrong, when the kids are sick, when the bank account is abysmally low, and I’m running on empty that I see God’s hand in my circumstances the most. His strength made perfect in my weakness. And, I am overwhelmed by his love and provision.


Because he has not forgotten me. Not once.


FREE 5-Minute Thanksgiving Bible Study for Kids


5-Minute Thanksgiving Bible Study for Kids:

This year I made a 5-Minute Bible Study for Kids that has been a blessing to our family. It has helped us be consistent in Bible study and being in God’s presence.

I wanted to make a Thanksgiving version for us to really focus in on being grateful as we head toward the end of the year. And, to share with my kids all that God has provided for our family. So, that we could praise God for his blessings and lay open our hearts to him for healing from the painful moments. Knowing that, whether joyous or heartbreaking, Jesus has been with us in every circumstance.

This 5-Minute Thanksgiving Bible Study follows the same template as my original 5-Minute Bible Study for kids. There is a selection of 3 bible verses on the topic of Thanksgiving. Each Bible study is one page and boxed off into sections to help you study quickly and effectively. My goal with these studies is to make Bible study easier for busy moms to add to their day. And, it’s free. So, if you have found your bank account empty and the hearts in your home in need of some glass-half-full kind of thinking; these are here to help.

The bible study is separated into 4 parts. A focus verse, a look into the verse, understanding the context and meaning, and how to apply it to your lives. Each with the purpose of helping you go a little deeper into one bible verse with your kiddos. Please see my original 5-Minute Bible study for Kids to read more details about my design and how to implement this into your day.


These Thanksgiving Bible studies are free for my subscribers. Just sign up below and grab them and my other free resources for homeschoolers in our FREE Resource Library.

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I pray these bible studies bless your family and bring you closer to God this fall.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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