Vermont Unit Study - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

Vermont Unit Study

“Ever since I arrived at the state of manhood and acquainted myself with the general history of mankind, I have felt a sincere passion for liberty. The history of nations doomed to perpetual slavery, in consequence of yielding up to tyrants their natural born liberties, I read with a sort of philosophical horror; so that […]

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Simple Homeschool Evaluation - Free 5-Page Homeschool Evaluation Workbook

Simple Homeschool Evaluation

A Simple homeschool evaluation can help you solve a multitude of problems, from scheduling and planning to fitting in extras. To do this, you need to assess your learning, your schedule, and all the places you currently spend your time during your homeschool day. Evaluating your homeschool is not something you will do once, but […]

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Treat Homeschool Schedules like Grocery Budgets

If your homeschool schedule is stressing you out, you are probably trying to fit too much into your day. The biggest culprit of a scheduling issue is too many things and not enough time to do them. You’re likely feeling overwhelmed and stressed-out by the number of things staring back at you from that schedule. And, instead […]

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Gifts From Jesus - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

Gifts From Jesus

Last year my family took a roadschooling trip across the country to try to get the wanderlust out of our systems. But, it backfired. Thankfully! And, we’re back at it. We are now a full-time RVing family. Which in practical terms means, we have downsized from a 3 bedroom home to about 300 square feet. So, if […]

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Poinsettia Mini-Unit Study

The Poinsettia has its origins in Central America. The plant flourished in an area of Southern Mexico known as Taxco del Alarcon. The people of Mexico tell the legend of a little girl who went to the local church one night with her brother to honor Jesus on Christmas Eve. The little girl was embarrassed because […]

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Christmas Poetry -The Three Kings

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is one of the most famous American poets of all time. In 1877 he wrote the poem, The Three Kings to tell the story of the wise men traveling to meet Jesus at his birth. The wise men are a wonderful model of worship to share with our children, especially at Christmastime. What I […]

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Rainy Day in Monterey Bay

Last fall, while roadschooling in California, we took a trip down the coast to check out some of the coastal cities. Our plan was to visit some great beaches. We tend to steer towards the outdoors as our source of fun and educational activities. National parks and off the beaten path type of adventures really […]

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Christmas Tree Counting Activity - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

Christmas Tree Counting Activity

Christmas is a great time to add some festive activities to your homeschool. Learning to count to 20 is a skill all preschoolers need to learn. And, there are lots of fun ways to do this. I made a fun Christmas tree counting activity for you to include with your preschooler’s math time this December. I’ve […]

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Homeschool Complete Parks Unit Study - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

Homeschool Complete Parks Unit Study Review

We are park people. National parks, state parks, any parks. We are a roadschooling family so we spend a lot of time outdoors. And one of our family goals is to try and visit as many National Parks, Seashores, and Monuments as we can while our kids are small. Last year we visited the Gateway Arch, the […]

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