When Fear Creeps In – Daily Affirmations from Mark 5:36

I recently came across this verse while reading in the book of Mark,

Don’t be afraid, just believe  Mark 5:36

And, immediately my mind whispered a promise from God, a declaration of his truth.

Don’t be afraid Heidi just believe God’s got you.


My mind started spilling out every fear, doubt, and worry, that was in my head and put them between Jesus’ words.

They soothed my anxious heart as I breathed them out over and over.


God’s truth turned a moment of worry into a moment of trust.


And it happened so quickly, so perfectly, so completely that; I was struck, in a new way, with how powerful the word of God is, how it changes lives, how it changes mine.

Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Jesus spoke these words to Jairus, a leader at a local synagogue.

After, Jairus had been informed that his young daughter had died.


The bible doesn’t tell us what was going on in Jairus’ head in that moment, but I’ve got a few ideas.

As a parent, I can only imagine the searing pain of hearing the news that my child had just died. Certain reactions come to mind like, fear, hyperventilating panic, or how about thinking I should wrap my arms around my chest to hold together my split open heart.

But, in the next moment, Jesus replies to this news with a simple and clear command, “Don’t worry (Jairus), just believe.”

Uhhh, say what?? I mean, am I alone in thinking that in that moment I would have struggled with disbelief and shock, confusion and maybe even a little anger at Jesus’ words?


Luckily for this man and his daughter, and for you and me he didn’t stop at his words, as humans often do.

He acted.

When Jesus loves, he moves. 

“God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.” 1 John 4:9

After commanding Jarius not to be afraid, Jesus went to his home.

He held the hand of this man’s child and with his mouth spoke her back to life.

“Talitha Koum, Little girl, get up!” Mark 5:41

The same mouth that had spoken the command to not be afraid but believe.

The same life is in both statements and yet if we didn’t know the second half of the story we would be skeptical, we would question, or think it was crazy.  

We might even laugh, just as Jairus’ household did.

“The crowd laughed at him.” Mark:5:40

The healing power was in his words. Words you and I can speak to ourselves right now.



How often in our own lives are we skeptical that God will come through?

How often do we question the situations in our lives and demand answers to our injustices, our hurts?

How many times do we wait to fully trust Jesus’ words until after we see the good outcome.


What I love about this story is that, This story is our story tooWe forget that we already know the end.

Jesus has saved us all. You, me, and that little girl in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.  He brought us back from the dead too.


I marvel at the simplicity of Jesus’ words. So stark. He could have filled in those blanks with anything. But, he didn’t.

Because in including nothing more, he included everything.

The command is meant to include all fears, complete belief. Such an all inclusive and direct command.

Here’s the problem though, while the command is simple enough to understand it is not so simple to live out.


Have you let fear creep in lately? I know I have.


But, this verse is speaking life, is speaking Jesus, into my life. I have filled those blanks with many things lately and felt peace fill me up as I put hope in all the things I couldn’t see.


What would you put in these blanks?


Don’t be afraid __________, just believe __________.


Whatever you’re facing today, Don’t be afraid, just believe and see how Jesus moves in your life.


I created a FREE 3-page printable of daily affirmation strips from Mark 5:36 for you that you can download in our Resource library.

Each strip contains the verse from Mark 5:36 and also another verse and promise from the bible that I filled in around it. They are great reminders of God’s love and care for us.

Tape them up on the bathroom mirror, leave one on your bedside table, or use them as a bookmark and let them be a way for you to stay connected to God throughout your busy day.


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I pray these verses soothe your heart as you hand your worries over to Jesus.  Grab these Daily Affirmations From Mark 5:36 and start speaking the truth of Jesus’ words to yourself.

Thanks for Reading,Heidi             

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Daily Affirmation strips from Mark 5:36
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