Flag Craft

It’s June 14, 2017 and National Flag Day.   We had already started thinking about 4th of July crafts and what we could make in the coming weeks, so when I realized it was Flag Day we decided to craft a flag.


Here’s what we started with…

I have been stockpiling these toilet paper and paper towel rolls for awhile.  I hate to throw anything like this away because, like today, inspiration will strike and I’ll know just what to do with that pile of  junk craft supplies.

One girl’s trash is this girl’s craft project.

We made an easy and (couldn’t be more) budget-friendly flag craft with some cardboard and red, white, and blue paint.

Here’s what you need for supplies:

Paper towel, toilet paper tubes, or both.

Red, white, and blue paint and paintbrushes or you could use markers or crayons too.

Some string or yarn to tie the tubes together after letting the paint dry.

Then, get your kiddos to paint those tubes.

We had some white ones already so we didn’t have to paint all of them.  Our flag only has rows because that’s all the tubes we had, but we talked about how the actual flag has 13 to represent the original colonies.

We were able to get all 50 stars on the blue tubes.  We made a star stamp out of a piece of pool noodle we had cut for another project.  I drew a star shape on it and cut away the foam around the star so we could use it to stamp the tubes.  It worked great.

Next, we grabbed some yarn we had in our craft stash to start piecing it together.

We used a hole punch to put a hole in the first and last tube of each row and strung the tubes together layer by layer.

We did separate rows because it would have been hard to get the tubes to cooperate and tie the whole thing together and because we were planning on hanging it on the wall anyway, so it would already look like it was all attached once we got it up there.

The toilet paper tubes were different sizes, but I didn’t mind if they weren’t perfectly even.  I did cut a few smaller tubes to add to the blue rows though because if I didn’t it would have been much shorter than the others and been obvious because of the color change.

We hung it up as art in our hallway.

It took both my husband and I to hang it up because the tubes kept rolling around.  It would have hung up easier had I strung through each individual tube or just taped each tube to the wall separately, but I didn’t want to take the time.  I just taped down the string at the ends of the tubes and a few pieces in the middle here and there to better hold it up.

As we were putting it up we realized it looked like it was actually waving.

It’s a festive decoration for us to have up with the 4th just around the corner.

What do you use your toilet paper tubes and paper towel rolls for?

Let me know if you try it.


Thanks for reading,



Toilet Paper Roll Flag Craft for flag day and 4th of July.