6 Easy Ways to Use Dry Erase Markers in Your Homeschool

I started using dry erase markers as a way to create less paper mess in our homeschool.  It saves me time, money, sanity, and space.  It is a fantastic organizational tool when you are roadschooling and need to keep clutter to a minimum.

We have found so many fun and easy ways to incorporate this great resource into our days.

You probably already have multiple places to use Dry Erase Markers in your home.  Here are some ideas for you to try with your kiddos.

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Homeschool Organization with Dry erase - Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust

1.You can hang up a dry erase board in your homeschool space.

This is great for bigger things like mapping, brainstorming, and lessons.


2.You can use personal dry erase boards to do math problems, writing practice, spelling words, or even lessons.

I do my examples and explaining and then wipe the board and hand it to my son.  It’s just as easy as paper, but we don’t have to recycle it or file it somewhere when we’re done working. Also, its smaller size allows us to sit together anywhere while we work.


3.Put your worksheets in clear page protector pockets.

This year, we’ve started using 3-ring binders to hold practice worksheets and games in clear page protector sheets so we can complete them with Dry Erase Markers. Over and over again.  I don’t have to reprint a worksheet because we marked up the first one.


4.Use a photo album.

My daughter practices writing her alphabet in a mini-photo book.  Photo albums are a great place to use dry erase.  They already have the clear pages you need without the assembly process.  And you can find these cheap.  You can add letters to the pockets for them to trace, or words, or numbers… or anything else you can think of.


5.We even use the fridge.

My son loves this one.  He thinks he’s getting away with something;) You could also try writing words in alphabet magnets and having your children copy them in dry erase.


6.We’ve also used mirrors, windows or the glass shower door.

When we’re done we just wipe off whatever surface we’re working on and move onto something else without any paper needing to go somewhere in my house.



So, what do you do if you need more of a record of what you’re kids are producing each day?

Take a picture. I do this all the time when the content is unique, like a writing assignment. I think of it in the same way I think of things we create, like LEGO structures or a loaf of bread. I want to capture them in a photo before we take it apart or eat it.

File away any work you need to save on your phones or laptops.  Once you have the photo you can use it in any way you need. This gives you your record without having to store the paper or possibly lose it altogether.

Just be careful not to take too many photos or you’ll be in the same boat trying to sort through and file away all those pics.

Do you use dry erase in your homeschool?  Tell me your ideas.

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6 Ways to Organize your Homeschool with Dry Erase Markers.

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