Hands-on Old Testament Bible Lessons

A Christian worldview is a vital thing to teach my children. In fact, I would say that it is where their education has to start. Without it, they would flounder with knowing the right way to look at the world and all its sticky subjects. But, Knowing that it’s imperative to teach this to my children and being able to do it in an easy, fun, and hands-on way are two very different things.

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Luckily, Anne Marie Gosnell of Future Flying Saucers has written a new easy to use and biblically sound book: What God is Doing. It gives parents an engaging, hands-on way to teach old testament bible lessons. And it’s going to change the way families teach the Old Testament and Christian worldview to their kids.

I knew that What God is Doing was different when I found that the first lesson used Legos. And then when I continued to read further into the book I found more and more reasons to like it. The object lessons are more like STEM projects or science experiments than bible lessons. They are the perfect way to grab your child’s attention and keep it. They will keep your kid’s hands busy and their minds soak up biblical truth.

The object lessons inside this book are the “hook” that will get your kids excited and interested in the Old Testament.

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Hands-On Old Testament Bible Lessons. A new book to bring these stories to life and help parents to teach biblical truth and Christian worldview to their kids.


Hands-On Bible Lessons

This book is a must-have if you teach the Bible to your kids. The old testament can be a little dry, even for adults. But, as Anne shows us it doesn’t have to be. In her book What God is Doing, she provides amazing hands-on ways to teach the old testament. The book contains 26 interactive lessons, each with a hands-on object lesson that your kids will love. If you are looking for some fun playful, but solid ways to teach the old testament to your kids this is for you.


Easy to use

What God is Doing, is simple to understand and implement. I don’t have to do a lot of prep or planning to use this, which is right up my alley. I don’t have any extra time in my day, so I love being able to just dig in when we’re ready. If you do a lot of child-led learning like we do, then this is going to feel totally natural to them. Your kids won’t be asked to sit down and fill out worksheets. On the flip side, because these lessons are so fun and hands-on they fit into a busy already full homeschool schedule too. In fact, they may be just the break your kids need between subjects. It won’t affect your schedule negatively because it’s just some fun mixed into their day. But, you’ll know the true value of these lessons.


Perfect for Multiple Ages

The hands-on aspect makes it perfect for multi-ages. In the very first lesson, they get to play with Legos while learning the material. Even though my kids are almost 5 years apart and in Kindergarten and 5th grade it was easy for both of them to understand the lessons. Also, they each got out of it what they need right now. Of course, my 5th grader had a deeper understanding of some of the topics, but my 5 year old really got a fantastic understanding that is perfect for where she is on her journey with biblical understanding. Because, really, the whole point of these lessons is for my kids to form a deeper relationship with Jesus. And, this is helping to do that.

There are also coloring pages, for artists and early learners to help engage them while doing the lessons, which my youngest thoroughly enjoyed.



Makes you a Pro

The object lessons made me feel like a pro at teaching biblical worldview and the Old Testament to my children. They were simple for me to do and the moments of understanding, where the concept just clicked for each of them, was like gold.

And, I got to teach them that. I got to pass that on. And, it made me feel great.

Anne also provides a fabulous support system for parents and teachers in this book. There is a How to lead a child to Christ section and a How to be a better Bible teacher self-assessment. I love this check-in. It really helps to evaluate how to make the experience better the next time.



The book retails at $19.99. But, this week Nov. 27 through Dec. 1 the book will be available on Amazon for 25% off.

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I pray this book helps you to confidently and effectively share the Old Testament with your kids the way it has helped me.


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