LEGO STEM Altoids Tin Story Challenge

The other day my son brought me an Altoids tin and a lego piece and said,

“Mom, I need a Lego kit that will fit in my pocket.”

Well yeah, ya do, I told him.

So, we went to work. We decided to make one for my son and one for his little sister.

We hot glued a 6 x 10 size lego piece to the top cover. It’s just the right size. It fills the space and still allows the cover to close.

Next, we cut a piece of felt to fit in the bottom. I am hoping this creates some grip and keeps the LEGOs from sliding around in the car. It should also help to keep the clattering noise down when my son walks around with the tin in his pocket.

To get the felt the right size I used a plain piece of printer paper and pushed it down around the edges of the cover. This left an imprint of the box on the paper that I cut out and used as a pattern to cut my felt.

When you hot glue, try to be quick because the glue dries fast and can leave lumps under the it.

After gluing, each of my kiddos grabbed some LEGOs to fill their tin. When they had what they wanted, I asked each of them to build me a story and tell me about it when they were done.

I expected pretty simple stories. I mean you can only fit so many Legos in a 3×2 inch box right?

But, there stories surprised me with detail. I should never underestimate my kid’s imaginations.



These are their stories as told to me:

My Son’s Story

“This is the clone soldier Jason, like Jason from the Odyssey (he’s been really into reading anything about ancient Greece this summer), that the Jedis found and turned good. This is his house that is in the forest, underground. There’s very little lighting except for the transparent blue pieces which are lights, and under his pillows is a night light to light up the room. When he comes home, there’s a gun holding stand and the gun presses the blue button so it passes the gun to the contraption that shakes all the dirt off. Then passes it under itself to the rinse off and a dryer machine and then puts it back in the holder. Then he puts his jet pack on the gun barrel and puts his helmet on a holder and lays down on his bed. And he’s next to a rebel base that’s up in trees while he’s underground. He has passageways and if he does a correct sequence it opens a passageway up into the trees, up in the rebel camp. The End”

When he was done he said, “Wait, I need a Percy Jackson Lego Tin!”

Well yeah, ya need that too buddy.


My Daughter’s story

Once upon a time there were four little people. One day they were on a big, big, big carriage ride and it was so amazing that they wouldn’t believe it. And, they were walking and walking and all joy. And they liked it a lot, lot, lot. She had a husband who was bald just like my daddy, but he wasn’t all the way bald. And, they got married at first sight and they never let go of love inside them. They kissed and loved their day.”

The End

This was a super frugal and fun project.

Also, my son said the pocket Lego tin was a huge hit with all the other boys in the neighborhood.

A focus group of 10-12 year olds should be pretty accurate;) So, there’s that.

I can’t wait to take these on our next roadtrip.

Let me know if you make one in the comments.

Thanks for reading,



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