Here at Pool Noodles and Pixie Dust we are still figuring it out as we traverse life and homeschooling. We laugh at our mistakes, love Jesus and each other, and hope that our continued story might inspire you a little along the way.


Our Story:

Why We Started Homeschooling


He tucked his thumbs under the gray straps of his backpack, lifted his head and turned his face to me rubbing his chin with the red fleece of his coat.

“I’ve got this Mom.”

Four little words from my son’s determined mouth that changed the course of our life.

He was headed up the driveway to meet the school bus.  We had just moved and he was starting a new school.  Every morning I went to the top of the gravel driveway with him to wait, his two year old sister clumping up the driveway beside me in her ladybug boots.

This morning she wasn’t having it, not even the lure of the driveway and all its treasures could tear her away from the blanket she was wrapped in and the stuffed animals surrounding her.

I stood there not knowing what to say except a mumbled, “ok.”

I watched through cold October glass as my little boy climbed the bus steps taking in deep breaths of crisp fall air and diesel, feeling that something was wrong.

I wasn’t sure what it meant, but I was sure that my seven year old didn’t need to be as brave as he had been that day. And just as sure that he didn’t need to be walking away from me, from home every morning.

It didn’t take long, with that day burning in my heart and God nudging me for us to decide to homeschool our kids. We didn’t know what we were doing and as God kept moving us in this direction I resisted.

It was the worst possible timing. I was dealing with an illness and looming surgery. My husband worked 5 days a week and commuted an hour and a half each day.  But, we felt God pulling us toward this journey.  And we listened.

I guess that’s our story.  We listened.  We decided to step off the edge of everything we knew about how our life was supposed to go and do it God’s way.

And we haven’t regretted a moment.

I have felt completely inadequate.  In the truly impossible moments I have even argued with God about his choice in me.  How was I ever going to be enough for my kids?

I have made mistakes. I’ve learned (am still learning), I was never going to be enough, not on my own.  I lean on Jesus every day to make this homeschooling thing happen.  He has asked me to take on this wholly tremendous responsibility, my children’s education. He equips me with strength, creativity, endurance and with my husband’s loving arms to hold me when I just need to rest.