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I’m Heidi, a full-time RVing, roadschooling mama and homeschool blogger at Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust. My background is in ECE and I spent many years teaching in a preschool classroom. I have a Kindergartener and a 5th grader, so my products and resources will include anything in that range.

I help thousands of homeschooling mamas just like you to find simple solutions to homeschool struggles.

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I’m passionate about creating fantastic content that will help you bring the magic back to your homeschool days by stopping the overwhelm. Simplicity is something I strive for in my homeschool as well as my life. And, I’d love to help you find what your best homeschool days will look like.

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I want to help you to reach your goals of a fantastic education for your kiddos while enjoying simple and joyful, giggle-filled days in the process.

I know how much this matters to you…Whether you’re looking to stop the overwhelm in your days or figure out how to fit in more of the good stuff. My hope is that by sharing my solutions and resources, you will feel empowered to educate your children at home with confidence and without overwhelm.

Right now I keep most of my free printables in a subscriber-only Resource Library, so they can easily be downloaded all in one place. These resources include free planning pages, bible studies for kids, printable math games, writing prompts, a Kindergarten readiness checklist and a National Parks journal as well as other free printables meant to make your life easier. You can access the library by signing up to our mailing list.

I lean on Jesus every day to make this homeschooling thing happen. And, there are many times that I have felt completely inadequate. Because I am never going to be enough for the tremendous responsibility of tackling my children’s education. And, I wasn’t supposed to be, not on my own. God equips me daily with strength, creativity, and endurance to keep running this homeschooling marathon.

I have made mistakes. I’ve learned (am still learning), and love to find new ways to share what I’ve learned with other homeschoolers on the journey with me. We need to build each other up and that’s what I’m here to do. I want you to be the best version of you that you can be.

Here at Pool Noodles and Pixie Dust, we are still figuring it out as we make our way through life and homeschooling. We laugh at our mistakes, love Jesus and each other, and hope that our stories might inspire you a little along the way.

If you have any homeschooling questions please don’t hesitate to email me at Heidi@poolnoodlesandpixiedust.com

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I hope that you’ve found inspiration in my pages and I would love to have you visit back soon.